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Tama HP900PWN Iron Cobra Drum Pedal (Case Dahil)

  • Stok Kodu: HP900PWN
  • Kategori: Pedallar
  • Markalar: Tama

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Power Glide LiteSprocket

The offset shape of the original Power Glide cam provides TAMA's signature pedal action, which increases the beater's power and speed as it reaches the end of the stroke. With 40% less weight than our previous sprocket, the new Iron Cobra offers faster, smoother, more powerful performance than ever before.

Cobra Coil (US. PAT.NO.7408104)

Until now, the only way to adjust your beater stroke action was to tighten the pedal spring. The unfortunate result? Heavy, sluggish action. The Cobra Coil solves the problem by adding a steel return spring. The return spring constantly presses the footboard to its original position, tightening the relationship between foot and pedal. Even better, the Cobra Coil is adjustable to different positions on the Iron Cobra footboard base plate.

Pedal Housing

This new housing puts less stress on the bearings to make for a much smoother bearing motion.


TAMA eliminated another source of friction by replacing the traditional nylon rocker cam with the Speedo-Ring, a rocker cam with a high quality built-in ball bearing rocker. The Quick-Hook not only allows for easy setup and tear-down but also streamlines the pedal, allowing quick stowaway in the hard case without removing the beater.

Oiles® Bearing Hinge (US. PAT.NO.6100460)

To reinforce durability, the Iron Cobra 900 Series features a thicker 6 mm diameter shaft. Oiles® bearings create far less friction than standard ball bearings. They also eliminate unwanted side-to-side motion while providing superior durability. (Oiles® bearings is a registered trademark of the Oiles Co., Ltd.).

Swivel Spring Tight (US.PAT.NO.9236038)

The conventional approach to the spring assembly (including previous Iron Cobra Pedals) has been to anchor the bottom of the spring while the top of the spring is being pulled from various angles throughout the pedal's cycle. But a spring being pulled on at an angle represents wasted energy and causes turbulence. The Swivel Spring Tight assembly solves this problem, recapturing that lost energy and optimizing smoothness through the use of a contoured assembly that allows the base to swivel freely with the spring. This enables a straight spring pull during the pedal's entire cycle, resulting in the smoothest, lightest action ever found on a bass drum pedal.

Power-Strike Cobra Beater

The constant evolution of Iron Cobra has always been driven, in part, by TAMA's passion for sound—or more precisely, TAMA's passion to bring the best out of each and every bass drum on which Iron Cobra is played. The latest version of Iron Cobra features a smaller diameter but thicker beater head—a combination that delivers more attack than previous designs. Also the distance between the beater head's face and the shaft has been increased. Drummers found this alteration improved their sense of control during faster passages.

Vari-Pitch Beater Holder

Vari-Pitch beater angle adjustments are completely independent of the footboard angle. The Speedo-Ring allows you to adjust the angle of the footboard link independently of the beater angle. The combination of the Speedo-Ring and the Vari-Pitch offer a range of incremental adjustments that will satisfy any style.

Para-Clamp II Pro (US.PAT.NO.6011208)

TAMA now introduces Para-Clamp II -an even more clever and useful version of the popular original. The Para-Clamp II is capable of gripping the widest variety of bass drum hoops ever. The improvement is largely due to its newly designed three-dimensional rubber grip. Holding power is increased and the possibility of scratching the hoop is eliminated. Furthermore, set-up and breakdown are easily facilitated, while sitting on a throne because the T-bolt of the Para-Clamp II Pro is on the side of the footboard, rather than under it.

Pedal Anchor

To keep left-side double pedals from walking, a special stabilizer is mounted to the outside frame. This augments the stability of the floor anchor bolts.

Quick-Hook (US. PAT.NO.6137040)

Quick-Hook not only allows rapid spring attachment and reattachment for rapid set up and tear down, it also eliminates wobbling and allows maximum power transmission to the Speedo-Ring. And you never have to worry about it slipping off during performance.

Connecting Rod (US. PAT.NO.5994635)

The Aluminum made connecting rod has made the light weight and smooth adjustment possible. Instead of the screws fixing the inner rod directly, the small plate inside spread the pressure appropriately and tightens more securely without damaging the rod. Also the new design prevents the inner rod coming off from the outer while adjusting the length, which reduces the trouble during setup and teardown.

Hard Carrying Cases

You know what pedals go through night after night. After being stomped on over and over, they get thrown into bags and road cases where there's more hard rock and roll than in the gig itself. That's why a precision instrument, like our Iron Cobra 900 Series, comes with a specially designed protective carrying case.

Super Stabilizer Design

During our detailed study of previous pedal concepts, we observed that under the stress of aggressive performance, pedals actually sway from side to side, which undermines efficiency. By widening the frame, the pedal's overall structure is expanded. The supports that hold the revolving shaft are 15mm wider, and the under-plate is about 12mm wider than the previous Cobra.

Extended Footboard Length

While the overall size of the pedal hasn't changed, we've slightly extended the footboard's length by repositioning the hinge closer to the rear of the heel plate. This adjustment increases the sense of ease and control the player has over the pedal, especially when exerting downward pressure on the footboard.

Hinge Guard Block

We've changed the construction of the Bearing Hinge on the footplate from a one-piece assembly to two pieces, which holds the bearing more evenly—minimizing stress, and maximizing smoothness, while adding to the pedal's sense of power.

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